White Light

LP – BIS-008-U – Limited Edition 200 copies
Transparent clear blue vinyl LP + A4 insert + 1 postcard + download code

Country: France
Release date: December 2, 2021
Label: Bisou
Style: Experimental, Ambient


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After multiple projects and collaborations with, among others, Valentina Fanigliulo (Mushy, Phantom Love), Nicholas Littlemore (Empire Of The Sun, Pnau), Aaron Moore, Quentin Rollet, Jac Berrocal … Thierry Müller restart the « concept » of ILITCH for this opus – new ilitch album since 2010 (excluding reissues and Art Edition).
Ilitch albums, too rare for some, cults for others, are from the beginning generated by important moments in the life of Thierry Müller. Inspired by them, reflecting them, sublimating them, treating them as therapy or bearing an incisive, sometimes impudent and / or disillusioned look, Thierry gives each opus a resonance, a sound, a singular treatment.
In the bloodline of « 10 Suicides », « Lena’s Life » … He gives us a very personal concept album:
« Several health-related accidents have led me to reflect on the passing of time, resulting in flashbacks, disturbing feelings about memory and neurological disorders, the questions it causes, and a strange feeling that I tried to « translate » into the track White Light that gave the title to the album … « .

With the contributions of Jac Berrocal, Aaron Moore, Quentin Rollet and Milena Drither-Lerru, this introspective album takes us to unknown lands that can only question and seduce us.

THIERRY MÜLLER: guitar, bass, synths, piano, keys, Mellotron, drums programing, voice
AARON MOORE: vocals, percussions, panpipes, harp

Composed by Thierry Müller except « Se souvenir d’oublier » composed by Aaron Moore and TM
« La danse des neurones » composed by Jac Berrocal and TM.
Recorded by TM at Ilitchmusic and Studio Pierre Schaeffer.
Aaron Moore parts recorded at Aaron’s studio, summer 2017.
Mixed & mastered by Patrick Müller at Studio Pierre Schaeffer.
Produced by Patrick & Thierry Müller.
Cover design: Thierry Müller

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Dimensions 32 × 32 cm

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