Pre-order Eugene Chadbourne – Pleasures Of The Horror – LP

Eugene Chadbourne + Steve Beresford + Alex Ward
Pleasures Of The Horror 

LP 12” – BIS-005-U / Release date: January 25, 2018
Style: country, pop, folk, jazz

BISOU asked Eugene Chadbourne to do an album for children and he proposed an album about horror movies and monsters. Some references are obvious like ‘The Thing’, ‘Blacky Lagoony’, etc,  and some are about strange characters ‘Vampire Tiger Girl’, and some are covers (Sam and the Shams, Shockabilly).
It’s probably the best recorded album of Eugene Chadbourne. Eugene met Steve Beresford and Alex Ward in London at Eastcote Studios (where Adele, Duran Duran, Aswad, Tindersticks and Depeche Mode recorded !). They used a good part of the instruments available there (grand piano, wood organ, many amps, loads of keyboards).

Eugene Chadbourne - Pleasures Of The Horror (BIS-005-U)